Computation Error?

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I just recently loaded Einstein to go as a secondary the Seti I have been running for some time.

I made it thorugh my first 2 Einstein WU's and I have a Computation or calculation this normal ?

Is there soemthing wrong ?

Bernd Machenschalk
Bernd Machenschalk
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Computation Error?

> Is there soemthing wrong ?


Would be nice to know a bit more (exit code? stderr?).



Jon Hester
Jon Hester
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I am recently having a

I am recently having a simliar problem. I have been doing this since for a couple months now all of a sudden my BOINC client (version 4.19) is telling me:

Message from server: No work sent (reached daily quota of 2 results)
No work from project
Deferring communication with project for x hours, x minutes, and x seconds

Then I check online and it says I have a bunch of computing errors. This is the first time I am seeing this happen. Also, I have three computers doing work (their versions of BOINC are more recent) and it seems only this one computer is getting this problem.

Any advice?

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