Clicking WORKUNIT does not always display task IDs

Gordon Uchenick
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The behavior for Einstein@home is different from my other project. In Einstein, when I click on a WORKUNIT ID the list of tasks and their status is displayed only if the status is Completed and Validated. In all other cases, the only information displayed after the header is "Tasks are pending for this workunit." When I click on a WORKUNIT ID in my other project,  MilkyWay@home, the breakout of tasks in the WORKUNIT is always displayed regardless of status. 


Is something wrong?

Ian&Steve C.
Ian&Steve C.
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copypasta from your other

copypasta from your other thread:


I see what you mean. I'm not sure what the reason for that is, but you're right that usually if a task is in progress, it will show the hosts where it resides and who currently has it.


Looking at some of your tasks, I can see that if I click any of your in progress or pending tasks, I get the same "Tasks are pending for this workunit" message. I do not get this message with my Gamma Ray GPU tasks, and inspecting others with newer O3AS GW GPU tasks, I also do not see this behavior.

my best guess is that they have the OMD1 database setup differently that it's not writing WU entries until they are validated.


As Keith said, and to answer your original question, you can easily see if a WU you are crunching has been sent to anyone before. if it ends in _0 or _1, it is the first round and has only been sent to you and a wingman host. you have two such WUs on your host right now that are _2, this means that one of the original hosts had a problem with it and it was sent back out to you. you just wont be able to see what happened to the original host I guess until it has validated.


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