CasA Beta WUs appear tp not be using the GPU -- or CPU for that matter!

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I downloaded the first batch of CasA WUs a couple of days ago. When they run, GPU-Z shows GPU utilization at 0% and Windows Task Manager shows einstein_S6CasA_... CPU utiiization also at 0%!?! What's going on here?? My GPU is a GT250 -- runs Einstein BRP, SETI and Milkyway tasks OK.

I finally aborted the first CasA task after about 8 hours of run time. The Tasks page on my account shows that the WU ran for 29,204 sec. with 298 sec. of CPU time.

I am now running a second CasA WU and it also shows 0% GPU and 0% CPU utilization.

BTW -- TThrottle shows a GPU temp of 50-deg-C when these tasks are running and between 70 and 75-deg-C when a "normal" GPU task is running.

So . . . are these tasks actually doing anything? If not, any ideas as to why??

Until I get some input on what might be going amiss and how to correct the situation, I'll abort all of the remaining tasks and to back to BRP tasks.

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CasA Beta WUs appear tp not be using the GPU -- or CPU for that

The current CasA GPU work needs much more CPU work per unit GPU work than other Einstein GPU tasks. The use of the GPU also varies greatly from moment to moment, and from phase to phase of the calculation. In particular, there is a phase near the end (somewhere near 99% claimed completion) for which GPU use drops to zero, and the duration of which varies greatly from WU to WU.

But your report of near-zero CPU use over an extended period is not the usual report (which I suggest you browse on these forums) for these tasks. I hazard a guess that your host has enough other tasks competing for CPU time that this one gets crowded out. If you want to test that, you might try suspending (first) all unstarted BOINC tasks, and (then) suspending all other BOINC tasks save this one. If it does not then start using a quite substantial amount of CPU, then there is something unusual wrong with your system, I think.

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