Cannot contact Bionic Manager

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I get this message so I cannot start a project. I have just established an account.

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Cannot contact Bionic Manager

With BOINC version 5.2.13?
Which operating system?

For first, try this: Shut down the PC. Not a reboot, but a complete shutdown.
Wait a minute or two, then restart the system.

Does that fix it?

Close Boinc Manager.
Navigate to your BOINC folder.
Find and open the file gui_rpc_auth.cfg with Notepad.
Delete everything in it (it should be a 32 character hexadecimal key in there).
Press return once, so it shows an empty line in the file.
Save the file and exit it.

Start Boinc Manager.
What happens?

The problem you see is that when Boinc Manager starts, it doesn't start the Boinc daemon (boinc.exe). Hopefully it does start it now.

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