Buildup of tasks with PROGRESS = 100%

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I have 74 tasks on my computer with PROGRESS = 100% and STATUS = "Upload: pending (project backoff: 04:41:47)".  Yesterday there were 42.  A couple of days ago there were 31.  These tasks appear to be accumulating without being sent back.  Is this normal?  If not, how can I fix the problem?

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It is not normal.  Once in a

It is not normal.  Once in a while there is a problem with the servers which has this effect on many users, but I don't think one of those problems has been active in your period of non-success.

Have you reviewed the message log visible from Boinc Manager at Tools|Event log?

There are ways to turn on much more detailed reporting for that log which I think you can find if you look around here on the forums.  Or perhaps someone will chip in something more useful.

Keith Myers
Keith Myers
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Resort to the BOINC Manager

Resort to the BOINC Manager Event Log diagnostics option from the menu. Under <Options> <Event Log Options>  Tick <http_debug>; <network_status_debug>; <http_transfer_debug> and maybe <checkpoint_debug> and report back the log entries.


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