Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Perseus Arm Survey) "BRP5"

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Holmis, The info is much


The info is much appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to explain. :D

As for your concern over turn around time...I might have good news for you, you might see some delayed turn around over the next 7-9 days but after 2014-10-11 04:30 UTC you might see just a "slight uptick" in turn around for five days :D

It looks to be a tough challenge for my team to win, but with the amount of people crunching it should prove a boon to the project.

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Indeed Einstein seems to be a

Indeed Einstein seems to be a very stable project, but from time to time this has to be checked, for example in the context of a cute team challenge :)
So as The Moon*Shine Challenge starts at October 11th, a lot of participants (perhaps even some big data centres under control of SETI.USA) will have filled their caches up to the limit (set by the 14 days deadline) around 27th to 30th of September causing a high upload level, and they will dump all their results not before challenge start but then producing very high upload and validation demands for the project servers. And of course a lot of unaware volunteers in their roles as wingmen must wait for 14 days or even more for validation of their results, but that's sport...

Love, Michi

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