benchmark incorrect?

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I am running an Opteron 165 @ 2.5ghz which puts it a little above an opteron 175/x2 4800+.

I found a 4400+ x2 for comparison:

This is my box:

our FP speed and integer speed are no where near eachother. even if that 4400 was oc'ed, why should it be that much higher than me?

the error in the benchmark will cause my credit for units be much lower than actual, correct?

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benchmark incorrect?

The 4400 you found is using an optimized client to boost benchmarks. I've got a 3800 OCed to 2.6gig and the truxsoft client has boosted my reported speed even higher than that 4400 to keep my credit inline with the standard science app.

IF you're using the standard app you'll get normal credit. If you're using an optimized app you'll be claiming very low credit (you're finishing in 25% the expected time, so will claim 25% the normal credit). IF this bothers you, get the trux client. It takes ~30 results to do it's calibration, which won't take long on your machine at all.

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