Astronomers find a new way to detect gravitational waves

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Researchers have found a new way to search for gravitational waves, the ripples in spacetime caused by massive celestial objects exploding, whirling, or merging. Physicists first sensed waves in 2015 with laser-based detectors, and other scientists have been chasing them with Earth-based radio telescopes. Now, the hunt has moved to space. A new study reveals that data from the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope can, in theory, also sense a passing wave. Although the technique is not yet accurate enough to make an actual detection, it is already helping other researchers sharpen their analyses.

Mike Hewson
Mike Hewson
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That's a neat idea, comparing

That's a neat idea, comparing the radio and gamma channels, even with the sparse photon set that gamma pulsars offer. Maybe one of the E@H discoveries will be involved! 

Cheers, Mike.

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WOO HOO hopefully new tasks

WOO HOO hopefully new tasks will be forthcoming then!!!

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