Anyway I can get more juice out of the systems I have running?

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Anyway I can get more juice out of the systems I have running?

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Anyway I can get more juice out of the systems I have running?

It would help if you told us about your systems and how you run them, but here's some general advice.

GPUs are the most productive hardware component in modern systems so try to optimize them first. Are you running more than 1 task per GPU? How many? If not then go to your E@H prefs and change the utilization factor to 0.5 for x2 or 0.33 for x3. You'll have to test which one works better on your systems. Remember that the new setting only gets applied once new GPU tasks are downloaded.

How many CPU tasks do you run on the host with the AMD GPU? If all cores are loaded with tasks the GPU usually slows down, especially if it's running a OpenCL app. Try to run with at least one core free. Set "On multiprocessors use at most 99% of the processors".

Both me and others have noticed that the FGRP3 GPU app is "bad" for ones RAC, if you don't want to run it on the GPU then set the FGRP utilization factor to -1 to disable the GPU app and still be able to run it on the CPU or you could just go to the prefs and deselect the Gamma-ray pulsar search.

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Hi Jonathan, Did you

Hi Jonathan,

Did you upgrade your A10 cpu to the FM2+?


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Are you already running

Are you already running several WUs per GPU?

You can crunch Einstein on that HD4000 for another 8k-9k RAC, depending mostly on main memory speed.

Your Tahitis are likely running in 8x PCIe 2 mode on that A10. They could use 8x PCIe 3 if paired with your i7 3770. The GTX660 from that system should be fine with 16x PCIe 2.

Did you already touch GPU and memory clocks?


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