Anyone know what's wrong with this macine?

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We have a new member asking about delays in credit, but looking at the machine in question it is failing all of it's wu's, some after a real long time.

Anyone see why?

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Anyone know what's wrong with this macine?

Perhaps the lockfile problem?

Have a look here.

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Indeed. Now that you


Now that you mention it: while this is a very common problem with the Windows BOINC version, I haven't seen it with the new Windows "power user app" yet.

Well, the most likely cause is that the "Power Users" are monitoring their systems more closely and are aware of the problem, and will avoid it by not using the CPU throttling.

Still, to be 100% sure, has anybody who had previously experienced this problem tried whether it still exists with the 6.05 app??? Not that I think it's likely (it's a confirmed bug in the boinc code), but you never know.

(I've no Windows system handy right now myself)

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