Any way to use 2015 MacBook Pro's Iris Pro?

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My Macbook pro 2015 has both a radeon R9 M370x and an Intel Iris Pro GPU. 

Einstein@home uses the radeon no prob but it never uses the Iris pro. Is there any way to get BOINC to use the Iris pro in addition to the Radeon?


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The R9 is the dedicated GPU,

The R9 is the dedicated GPU, which takes over from the integrated Iris Pro for intensive compute operations. So if only the R9 is crunching tasks, then everything is running as it should.

Off-topic: I have the same/similar MacBook Pro. I tried running E@H tasks, either GPU or CPU tasks, but the heat load was too much for the cooling solution that Apple gives us. After replacing one of the cooling fans, that laptop now runs just Milkyway@Home tasks.

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