AMD Sempron 3100+ o/c

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Hi guys ! I'm a begginer in overcloking, i dunno if they're fan of o/c here but if yes, i might need some advice :D

So i got an AMD sempron 3100+ (1.8 Ghz base) o/c @ 2.231 Ghz FSB 248 Mhz, Vcore @ 1.450v, but sometimes, the computer freezes.

With FSB @ 242 Mhz and Vcore @ 1.425v, that never freeze. (2.177 Ghz)

The t° is always good with 2 fans, no more than 38°c after boinc benchmark.

How can i improve the efficiency of this ? I've seen that the record without water cooling or so on is near 2.6 Ghz, but better to get 2.3 Ghz usable ^^

So, sorry for bad english and thank you all !

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AMD Sempron 3100+ o/c

you also need to look at the other voltages like the ram and the northbridge. Depending on your mainboard the values have to be increased. You should also look after the timings for your ram. To get max clock for cpu it is best to loose the timings for the ram an increase the voltage on the ram and northbridge. (I would try to add 0.2V and than use prime95 for stability testing, 1h is definitly boinc stable).


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