AI Accelerates LIGO Data Analysis

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Mike Hewson
Mike Hewson
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"This new framework indicates

"This new framework indicates that AI models could be as sensitive as traditional template matching algorithms, but orders of magnitude faster. Furthermore, these AI algorithms would only require an inexpensive graphics processing unit (GPU), like those found in video gaming systems, to process advanced LIGO data faster than real time.

The AI ensemble used for this study processed an entire month — August 2017 — of advanced LIGO data in less than seven minutes, distributing the dataset over 64 NVIDIA V100 GPUs. The AI ensemble used by the team for this analysis identified all four binary black hole mergers previously identified in that dataset, and reported no misclassifications."

Impressive : what can't these wonder GPUs do now ?

But starting at ~ $8.5K per unit makes 'inexpensive' a relative term.

Now, what to do when the seven minutes is up ? LOL ... <insert your favorite game here>, CIV VI maybe ? :-0

Cheers, Mike.

I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter. Blaise Pascal

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Hallo! The according paper


The according paper you´ll find here.

To find something is one important side, but you also have to characterize how sure your finding is. Up to now it´s international accepted standard to have >5 Sigma statistical error for true evidence. I´m missing such in the paper.

I believe, it will take some time to work out such an international accepted standard for work with AI-methodes, which is neccessary for daily practize, like here at E@H.

Nevertheless, it seems to me an important step forward.

Kind regards, say healthy and happy crunching


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