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I'm not sure if the cost would be prohibitively expensive here, but would it be worth buying some ads to attract new users? (I'm not positive that you haven't done so already, but I can't remember seeing any.) It could potentially help introduce new users to other BOINC projects as well... just an idea.

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I believe this project (like S@H and CP) runs on a low budget... hence spoken word is the only possible way of advertisement.

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Hi, I really doubt this is


I really doubt this is a matter of funding, and my personal impression is that the project is one of the more generously funded ones. Being one of the top 5 BOINC projects (by most of metrics that come to mind), I think the most valuable and effective "advertising" is to have users that introduce others to the idea of Distributed Computing with BOINC and of course to Einstein@Home itself.

I'd even find it kind of slightly inappropriate if the big projects would spend big money on advertising which is probably something that the smaller projects can't do.


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