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Shawn Kwang
Shawn Kwang
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It has come to our attention that the landing page for E@H, after a user creates an account with the BOINC client, is broken. Thus we have put together a list of links to be shown immediately after creating an account, see a development screenshot.

Please let us know what you think. (Please keep in mind that we are trying to keep things simple, i.e., the KISS-principle. The goal is not to overwhelm a new user.)

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For new users especially for

For new users especially for those who are prepared to spend idle compute time but not anything beyond that, one thing is definitely eligible: to clearly and immediately know which settings are mandatory because the app otherwise wouldn't run and which settings are optional so that there is plenty of time to learn about. That is what in common installation procedures may be named default settings and advanced settings or beginners/experienced or similar.

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