17 .5 & .0 files in Einstein folder

Ron Kosinski
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I have 17 files in my Einstein folder with a .0 or a .5 file type on them. 3 of them are 6 megs, the other 14 are 8 megs in size. I believe these are data chunks that my work units are derived from. How come I have so many? The number is slowly increasing too. A couple of days ago I had 15. It looks like the biggest block of them came when I was only proccesing Einstein, when SETI was down for a 10 count.

Thanks, Ron K.

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17 .5 & .0 files in Einstein folder


These data files will eventually be deleted when no longer needed. You can reduce the number of them by setting your preferences to use no more than (say) 200 MB of disk space. BOINC will then delete data files that are not needed for (current) workunits. However having these files is useful to the project as there is still work to do for them.


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