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adrianxw commented on Can't get work.
The problem was it would not download work from anywhere at all, regardless. The business with an idle CPU has, according...
11th June 2005
adrianxw commented on Can't get work.
I have fixed it, never mind. I edited the client_state.xml file to generate debt.
6th June 2005
adrianxw started discussion Can't get work.
Odd. I woke this morning to find all but my CPDN wu sitting 100% finished and "Uploading" all just sitting there. I...
6th June 2005
Yes. I would really like to know what is going on, but the new clients are coming out so fast that as soon as you have...
22nd May 2005
Well, yes, I realise that. The thing is, if I suspend a project for 6 hours, when I resume it, does it get the 6 hours...
18th May 2005