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darkclown started discussion AVX512 support?
It's tough to tell, but do any of the CPU apps here take advantage of AVX-512?  I've got one system with 2x AVS-512 units,...
24th August 2019
Quote:Omg ^^ that really isn't big. Maybe Bavaria has the better connections... a friend living there got himself 10...
26th October 2006
I think Rosetta benefitted from SIMAP "finishing" its regular load and dropping to a part-time project.
26th October 2006
darkclown commented on Milestones II
Somewhat insignificant to the rest of you megacrunchers, but 25k total, and 10k Seti (and SHOULD clear 10k Einstein today)
13th October 2006
Yea, I just added a quad-xeon 2.8 to my mix, and saw 24 hour workunit estimates. I didn't think it was THAT slow of a...
10th October 2006