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Chooka commented on The lucky ones!
Gary Roberts..... are you in these photos? It's a bit like winning lotto to be one of these lucky finders.
19th September 2021
Chooka commented on The lucky ones!
My uncle in law is one of these people. He's the reason I started crunching!  
17th September 2021
Its funny you say that Archae86, because it was you who helped me fine tune my Radeon VII's. I must admit, I do have...
22nd June 2021
At current prices, a new 6800XT is double the original price of the Radeon VII for about the same performance on E@H. (...
21st June 2021
Yep, badges. I've probably said it already many pages back. Surely they can't be that hard to create. Ask for help from...
14th April 2021