Exciting news: Gravitational Waves detected!

February 11, 2016

We want to share our excitement about the first-ever direct detection of gravitational waves! The event happened right before the beginning of the first observing run of the advanced LIGO detectors, on 14 September 2015. The waves were generated as two black holes merged into a single black hole about 1.3 billion light years from Earth. In astronomy units this is 410 Mpc, approximately 10% of the way across the visible Universe!


Public Update on first Advanced LIGO Observing Run

February 09, 2016

Dear Einstein@Home Volunteers,

Following the completion of the first Advanced LIGO Observing Run, the LIGO Laboratory and LIGO Scientific Collaboration will give a public update on the status and results on Thursday February 11th at 10:30 US Eastern Time.

Bruce Allen
Director, Einstein@Home


Second Einstein@Home newsletter

October 01, 2015

Dear Einstein@Home volunteers,

the five-year upgrade of the LIGO detectors has been completed and we are a large step closer to the first direct detection of gravitational waves, which will mark the beginning of a new era of astronomy. As we are writing this newsletter, Advanced LIGO is beginning its first observation run “O1†after an extensive comissioning phase and a series of “engineering runsâ€. The Einstein@Home team is truly excited and is looking forward to the most sensitive gravitational-wave data ever recorded.