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Mike Hewson
Mike Hewson
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The locale thing is almost a

The locale thing is almost a single line of code to change, fortunately ! ;-}

Now for your viewing pleasure we have TEST017 using the Gravity variant in the Linux, Win32 and Win64 versions. The only visible change is the flashing yellow search marker which correlates in celestial sphere position to the search information on the lower right HUD. Now this marker is a full 3D object and so may sometimes be seen side on, or even hidden by other objects in the model, as the viewpoint rotates. So if it's not obvious where it is just wait and it will come into view. You can turn it off and on by using the 'M' key.

{ The invisible changes are in regard to the memory management issues brought to light by using the memcheck option of Valgrind.  An incredibly boring but necessary process. }

Cheers, Mike.

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Linux TEST017 is nice. The

Linux TEST017 is nice. The search marker is a fine addition. The graphic window doesn't launch in full-screen like the prior version did, but that's neither here nor there for me.

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Windows versions of TEST017

Windows versions of TEST017 seems to work as they should with the exception that the difference that the taskbar is still visible when they should run in full screen mode.
With regards to memory I'm seeing 48 MB for 32-bit and 84 MB for 64-bit, quite lean considering that most systems today will have at least 4 GB worth of RAM! I'm more concerned about the CPU usage as I've talked about before, but that can still wait until all the features are developed.

Keep up the good work!
Looking forward to the next version! ;)

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