Windows faster than Linux?

Pav Lucistnik
Pav Lucistnik
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Man, let me spell it out

Man, let me spell it out again, and very straight now.

Your box does 739 whetstones, according to your post below.
Your box reports that it does 3500 whetstones.

These are not same numbers. Really they are not. That's what I called cheating. Your client is reporting unrealistic benchmarks results to the server. Your box does not do 3500 whetstones. Not by far.

Now to address your "better parts" claim. No, that's not true either. You're running akosf's optimized apps, I do not. So you can't compare the computer's clockspeed, because the actual workload is different. That's why your PIII@800 does it in 11,000 and my P4@1400 does it at 18,000. Not faster memory. Different application. Go load official beta app onto your computer, then we can compare.

If you're going to argue that you're not running unofficial science apps, your results gives you out. S41.08 (akosf) it says...

And to get all your facts straight - it's no screaming Linux. It's FreeBSD. That's a difference. Not that you mind, anyway...

Jan Gnodde
Jan Gnodde
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Ah well, let's stop arguing

Ah well, let's stop arguing about cheating. With the new S5-data (and the new apps) coming up it will be much harder to cheat.


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