Why is there a delay of more than 6 hours?

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> > If you want to set up

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> > If you want to set up your system(s) so that the result is reported
> immediately after it is uploaded (still a two-step process though), you need
> to use the BOINC client directly (for 4.25+) instead of the Boinc Manager.
> You can then add a parm telling it to report immediately after upload:
> C:/Windows/BOINC/boinc.exe -redirectio -return_results_immediately

I thought this was only for 4.19.

> There are drawbacks to this, but it does get your result reported right away.
> The main drawback is that your system connects to the project twice, right in
> a row which doubles communication with the project (very bad if we're in the
> middle of a communications overload after extended downtime). If you're not
> on broadband this is probably not the way to go.

Got broadband.. so no worries for me.. and it really doesn't matter to
me if reports are delayed.. I just wonder why they programmed it so.

> You can start Boinc Manager or use Boincview after BOINC.EXE is up and
> running. You can even shutdown Boinc Manager or Boincview and BOINC.EXE will
> continue to run.

Nice info. :) thanks.

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> Man.. Now I feel stupid...

Message 10914 in response to message 10912

> Man.. Now I feel stupid... :p

Don't, I made a choice that is supposed to support the "standards" where you are consistent with links. I use the icons to link because I wanted to let you know where you are going. All underlined terms get the Glossary. Icons take you to all other places (including the ones that ALSO take you to the glossary.

> I think i never pressed that ?-icon in front of "Boinc Frequently asked
> qustion (FAQ)" -line... I think I always clicked on that "Freq..."-link.(Which
> took me to explanation of the word FAQ.)
> but I have clicked on those other icon under that ?-icon... *sigh* :P
> Ones I understood that, voilá,found the info myself.

Cool ...

Web design is easy, until you have to do it. The problem right now is that we are changing mechanisms. Early computers used very rigid navigation and context structures that evolved into a realm of well understood GUI practices.

WIth we browsing, we supposidly changed to one tool so we would be able to take navigation knowledge from one site to another. The problem is that we don't have good tools to reproduce the GUIs of yore ... and instead of one or two standards we have thousands ... mine among them ...

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>Got broadband.. so no

>Got broadband.. so no worries for me.. and it really doesn't matter to
>me if reports are delayed.. I just wonder why they programmed it so.

The scheduling server is theoretically the worst bottleneck in a BOINC project (in practice DB access has this tittle so far). In normal operation, worst case, you do about 1.1 scheduler RPCs per workunit. When you use the return immediately flag you will do 2 scheduler RPCs per workunit. So simply by splitting uploads and reports the load on the scheduling server is nearly halved and more than halved when several workunits are reported/assigned at one time.


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