which client to run ?

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RE: RE: I would like to

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I would like to get at least 20-30 valid results without faults. I will upload D40 after this test.

10 Valid results so far ^^
*thumps up*

Might be the first DC Project that makes use of 3dnow!

The speed of S40 (SSE code with combined aligned/unaligned addresses) is same as S39L, so I don't release it. It was a useless thing from me. :-)
But D40 is faster than C40 so I will upload shortly.

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RE: The fastest client for

The fastest client for your processor is S39L, but I got the first valid result for the 3DNow! code (D40). :-)

err....hmmm ???

here you say:


I have measured these ratios on the same system with the same wu:
(Duron 2,03GHz, Win2000)

REF: 1.00
C01: 2.00 (first attempt)
A36: 2.37 (PPro+)
C37: 2.44
C40: 2.76
S39L:3.74 (SSE, accuracy is a bit worse than previous)
D40: 3.89 (3DNow, accuracy is a bit better than SSE)

Is D40 now faster than S39L?
If it is at least equal I would prefer D40 for the better accuracy...


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D40 is just slightly faster

D40 is just slightly faster than S39L on my AMD 3500+. I like to use it because it is a home-grown AMD invention! :)

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