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Is there an API where I can get the stats of a User and his Team?

Like the old WAP link? Of cause json would be better ;)



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Christian Beer
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The new Website supports the

The new Website supports the same API as the old one. The WAP link is still working. I looks like this:


The number at the end needs to be substituted with your own BOINC userid which can be found on Account -> Credentials

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Sorry to revive an old

Sorry to revive an old thread, but searching got me only this (maybe I'm not using the correct search terms).

Since the introduction of the "new" Drupal-based website, I've struggled.  In the autumn of 2016, I added a 16-thread Xeon with a GPU capable of running two tasks at the time.  Add in three other boxes with quad cores, one of which has a single-task capable GPU and another capable of dual GPU tasks, and my task lists grow unwieldy.  So, I've ended up having wade through page after page to find specific work units or certain types (e.g. the new Continuous Gravitational Wave search).

I have already completed research on the API for WCG, and found I can pull a task list using a link like this:

https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/api/members/{member name}/results?code={verification code}

This returns details regarding the first 25 work units.  I can add &format=XML to get it in the XML format I prefer, and I can recursively call with &offset=x to get all of the work units.

Is there such an api link for Einstein?  I can almost guarantee that I would cost Einstein less bandwidth by just pulling my task list occasionally rather than having page through the website.


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