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I´m searching for the number of "Total needed units" from the server status page for the S5 search between about June and Dec. 06. For the currently running search this number is 7 015 924. Is there somebody who had regisistered this foregoing number?
I like to put my statistics on a more reliable basis.

Many thanks for your help in forehand!


Gary Roberts
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I´m searching for the number of "Total needed units" ...

This message contains the actual total number (16,464,454) of units from the previous run. Please be aware that this represents a mixture of what were called "longs" and "shorts" of vastly different durations, neither of which are representative of the current "mediums" :). To get some appreciation of the scale of this difference, my guesstimate is that the ratio S:M:L is about 1:4.5:9.5 (very roughly).

Depending on exactly what you are trying to achieve, some other posts in the above-linked thread may prove useful as a record of what was being observed at various stages during the previous run.


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