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Big Space: (de) Map universa


Proposals to include a few more telescope's data into the UTAH universities 3D map of the cosmos ..
Reach data limits, 
With astoundingly little data transaction layer (T1 Layer) Data bandwidth..
& Affordable traffic ..

(Universities need an estimated 17 Petabytes of data traffic & long term storage in clouds with processing capacity for HPC)

With only a few million dollars to spend the universities of the americas & the world have the need for..
A price of around 0.07Cents per GB (What is 007 cents to save the world? Is not the world enough)

Additionally they plan to make the most pentaspecular Youtube streaming 3D video's & cannot afford to advertise on the streams!

So donations were advised.

WALL That Hits the street 3171AC


RS https://science.n-helix.com

For all friends (HPC pack recommended also)

Reduces latency & ram usage on router & phone,
In the usbdisk usr/www/js & web serving JS folders
Install the one known as default.js + the tensocache.js  on all thy routers/phones and servers,
Your desires of a fast network shall be revealed  (must be in a js serving folder , Is Safe)
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