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RE: It seems that the

It seems that the problem(s) with the download server wasn't completely fixed. Possibly the staff is aware of the problem but as it's the weekend,

No problem seen here recently whether for uploads, reporting, or downloads.

I'm in New Mexico USA. If there is a current problem possibly it is narrower in scope than suggested by your post, Kibble. Or maybe it was trouble when I was not looking, but has cleared up since.

Have you reviewed the message log for your host for clues you could post here? I think for the version of boincmgr present on your hosts you can find the message log at Advanced|Event log.

Kibble (KB7TIB)
Kibble (KB7TIB)
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:-O A bit red faced. A


A bit red faced. A reset of the bridge modem seems to have broken the logjam. Thank you, Archae86. The event log told the tale. That's actually the first time I've ever used it.

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