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Stephen R
Stephen R
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RE: I noticed that a link

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I noticed that a link was posted today to a new app, U41.05, on the New Optimised Executables Links thread with the comment "fixed memory prefetching fault". Should I replace U41.04 which seems to be working ok?

I just did and it crunched WU started with U41.04 fine , WU with only U41.05 crunched and validated fine.

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it's a fix for a bug that

it's a fix for a bug that caused an occasional invalid result

[B@H] Ray
[B@H] Ray
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Any chance of a new SSE3

Any chance of a new SSE3 cruncher for the S5 units? The stock one seems to do good for the SSE.

Try the Pizza@Home project, good crunching.

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