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I've been in communications with an Administrator at Free-DC. I ask if it would be possible to include the Total Results like they do the Total Credit in there webpages,

I was informed that that information was not included in the Projects exported files. He also agreed that such a modification to the exported files would be the authority of BOINC.

When I told him that data such as Total Results would be a useful tool in encouraging new members to join a crunching recruitment effort. That while there are many who are encouraged by credits/points, there are some who value results as a more encouraging indicator of work accomplished. His opinion was that such an inclusion of data should not be that difficult to implement.

Since WCG provides that info for its team members, why not include it for other Project's data.

I am posting this thread to recruit support for this concept. If enough Projects and project teams support this initiative, perhaps BOINC can be persuaded to implement this modification.