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Hi everyone. I became "founder" of my team yesterday.

(einstein@home Québec)

I created a forum for the members without problem but I also sent a message to all members with cc to me and haven't received it in 24 hours.

My privacy settings do allow emails with team members, so unfortunately no solution there. I did see the confirmation box after clicking send message (and cc to me also clicked).

There's no messages mailboxes where I can check if it was sent.

I retried again today, got the green confirmation box saying email was sent to group and nothing, no replies, no cc.

I'm I missing something ? Is there a delay before a new 'founder" can send messages ? Is there a delay to have these messages revised by a moderator before they're sent ? Or is it likely a glitch and I should try again ? 

Anything else I need to know as a newbee "founder" ? They should change that expression by the way. 

Thank you