Running out of WU's

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I have recently started crunching Einstein while I have been with Seti for ages.

My problem seems to be that I keep running out of WU's and Einstein has nothing to do.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or it's normal.


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Running out of WU's

It is most likely a function of your queue setting (connect every 'x' days), rather than an actual bug.

If you are a typical seti user you most likely overestimate your need for a queue of work on hand. E@H has longer processing times with shorter deadlines than S@H. This can cause the client to refuse to get work from E@H from time to time. A good rule of thumb is to divide your desired queue size by the number of projects you are attached to. Your desired queue size should never be more than the shortest deadline and is advised to be no more than half of the shortest deadline.


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RE: My problem seems to be


My problem seems to be that I keep running out of WU's and Einstein has nothing to do.

You have a HT capable P4 CPU but you only have one result currently processing?? Do you have your connect to network setting at too small a value? I presume you are running both Seti and E@H on this machine so you would have both CPUs crunching. Does task manager show two science apps each consuming about 49%??

What is your resource share and your connect to network setting??


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