Requesting help copying and rewriting BOINC FAQs to Wikipedia environment

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There is a lot of information in the FAQs and i asked Jord (aka Ageless) - what was the future?

One thing led to another and then Ageless posted in the boinc forum


While chatting with Agentb I mentioned that it is my wish to move the BOINC FAQs to a Wikipedia environment for their 10th anniversary this December and (semi-)open (*) them up to the people for editing.

This is possible, when Neil (Munday) adds a Mediawiki to the BOINC FAQs domain, which he is willing to do. Then comes the copying of all FAQs and the rewriting of a lot of them, and bringing them up to date with the present BOINC 7. I just do not have the time or interest to do all that alone. Although I do have the FAQs in a legible text file format (wikipedia formatted), it still requires a couple of people to copy everything over, because each FAQ needs to be added manually, title made, text copied over, saved. Luckily that's the crude work, so anything that breaks (links, images etc.) can stay broken until the rewrite.

As that is the next chapter, the actual rewrite/bringing up to date of the FAQs: I estimate we need at least 10 volunteers to help out on that.

What we need for this though is people who have:
1. Free time to spend on copying, (re)writing, reviewing and generally bringing up to date most all of the FAQs;
2. Good knowledge of the English language is a pre;
3. Basic knowledge of BOINC is necessary;
4. You can explain things to people, so that they know what you mean. There is no real limit in text size, there is no need to explain everything in 140 characters;
5. Basic knowledge of writing in a Mediawiki environment is a pre. If you know how to add templates, skins, etc. we really want your help. :)

So, when you're interested to help out, let me know. Give me a private message with the email address and nickname you want to receive a BOINC FAQ Wiki account for.

(*) We can't fully open up the FAQs as that's asking for trouble with spammers. But if you want to contribute at any time, you can ask Neil or me to make you an account, no trouble.

Wikiwriting is not technically difficult, if you can post here using BBCodes you know how it works, and there are a lot of good tutorials online.

I'm not sure if Ageless is picking up his PMs over here (you certainly need RAC>0 to post) so if you don't have an account over at SETI@Home or BOINC but are interested, please feel free to PM me and i will relay it over.