Release 3.2.0 of amdgpu-utils

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Ricks-Lab has just released a new version of amdgpu-utils:

I use this suite of Linux Python modules to monitor and optimize performance for my AMD cards; with compatible cards, it can set fan speeds, underclock, overclock, and undervolt.

amdgpu-utils: A set of utilities for monitoring AMD GPU performance and modifying control settings.
New in this release:

  • Fixed CRITICAL issue where Zero fan speed could be written when invalid fan speed was read from the GPU.
  • Fixed issue in reading pciid file in Gentoo (@CH3CN).
  • Modified setup to indicate minimum instead of absolute package versions (@smoe).
  • Modified requirements to include min/max package versions for major packages.
  • Fixed crash for missing pci-ids file and add location for Arch Linux (@berturion).
  • Fixed a crash in amdgpu-pac when no fan details could be read (laptop GPU).
  • Fixed deprecation warnings for several property setting functions. Consolidated all property setting to a single function in a new module, and ignore warnings for those that are deprecated. All deprecated actions are marked with FIXME in
  • Replaced deprecated set properties statement for colors with css formatting.
  • Implemented a more robust string format of datetime to address datetime conversion for pandas in some installations.
  • Implemented dubug logging across the project. Activated with --debug option and output saved to a .log file.
  • Updated color scheme of Gtk applications to work in Ubuntu 20.04. Unified color scheme across all utilities.
  • Additional memory parameters added to utilities.
  • Read ID information for all GPUs and attempt to decode GPU name. For cards with no card path entry, determine system device path and use for reading ID. Report system device path in amdgpu-ls. Add amdgpu-ls --short report to give brief description of all installed GPUs.


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