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S@NL - Marleen
S@NL - Marleen
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> I'm nearly finished with

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> I'm nearly finished with grammar school and had also thought about studying
> physics or something similar. The physic lessons are not so difficult, but
> some terms are not so easy. If I think about the fact, that it will become
> more difficult at the university I'm not so sure wheather I want to have
> difficulties everyday.

Hello Basti,

I studied physics at university. The most important thing if you want to study physics or something similar is motivation. If you really want to do physics and want to work for it (you probably will have to study about 40 hours a week, including lectures) then you will succeed. Be prepared for a lot of mathematics, especially in the first year (integration, differentiation etc). Finally, the speed at which you will learn is a lot higher.

Good luck with making a choice and with your study (whether it is physics or not)!

Shawn Pitman
Shawn Pitman
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Dartmouth College in Hanover,

Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH is now doing research on viable quantum computing. Dartmouth is an Ivy League school. I'm graduating with my bachelor's of science in computer engineering at an ABET accredited school with a 3.8+ GPA and it will still be difficult for me to get in.

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RE: Does anyone have any


Does anyone have any reccomendations for good colleges to study at for graduate study in quantum computing?

I am hoping to pursue quantum computing after I am finished with undergraduate school, and would like to start gathering information, so I can know my options.

Jordna Wilberding

See www.qubit.org

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