Over-sized graphics?

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I have an unusual problem that I hope someone here can answer.

I am retiring an older Toshiba Satellite laptop, 17 inch, for a brand new HP Envy, 17 inch.  Both are running Win 10.

I have been running E@H as well as SETI@H for several years.  Both have been running without issues on the old

Toshiba.  But on the new HP, the E@H graphics are over-sized, so that the entire screen is filled with about a quarter

of the "constellation globe" that I am used to seeing.  However, the SETI@H graphics are fine on the new HP.


Can anyone offer me any ideas on how to fix this issue?  As it stands now, the E@H graphics are pretty much a wash up and I can't explain them to people asking me about E@H.


Any help greatly appreciated.