Old Boinc Accounts?

Harri Liljeroos
Harri Liljeroos
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Seti accounts are separate

Seti accounts are separate from the ones here at Einstein. So credit accumulated in Seti is not available here. But you can use the same email address and username here.

Ian&Steve C.
Ian&Steve C.
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Hans-Jürgen Renker wrote: I

Hans-Jürgen Renker wrote:

I have one of the first acounts here by seti, and i cant find it...it was under a npther e-mail acout createt, and now i have no chance to get into it..can you help me?

i had over 5 billins of tripolation credits there

the top ranking user by points only reached 3.6 billion credits on SETI. so I'm not sure what you mean by having 5 billion credits, no one has that much. maybe you mean 5 million? 


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