No credit issued for most of November

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Pendings are not a problem,

Pendings are not a problem, atm I have 341 of them, the big guys very well would be over a thousand. It's the errors and invalid results indicate problems. 

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... oh I see, but I still

... oh I see, but I still don't understand ...

So, for you WANDERING:

Unvalidated tasks are not a waste of time.

The wingman is missing - often because crunchers like to "hoard" a lot of WUs in their cache. Making you wait a long time, if they have, for example, slow GPUs.

AND when the (first) wingman is unsuccessful, you have to even wait longer - for the next wingman to start and so forth ...

Since you joined in 2008, you should be aware of the "mechanisms" by now.

I have (had SIX pages - depends on the size of your screen) a lot of WUs waiting for validation (around up to 2 months) -- they ALL validated as time goes by!

Be patient, waiting is free, and have a beer on me.

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