New app version BRP4 1.46 (Android 5)

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We just added a new Android app version 1.46 for BRP4 tasks (search for binary radio pulsars in Arecibo data), specifically for Android 5 devices.

The science code is the same as in the previous version, but it is recompiled to meet requirements for Android 5 (Codename Lollipop). Devices running earlier versions of Android will not get this version.

Please use the existing feedback thread in the "Problems" section for any bug reports or other feedback:

To use this on an Android 5 device, you will also need a version of BOINC itself that is Android 5 compliant. At the time of writing, this BOINC version is still in beta test, but I understand that the HTC-branded incarnation of BOINC, "Power to give" is already available for Android 5 in the Playstore.