New app release: BRP4 v1.33/v1.34

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We just released a new set of BRP4 applications, v1.33/v1.34. There are no changes in requirements.

New features and improvements:
* The app can process both compressed and uncompressed data files.

Note: v1.33 is technically identical to v1.34 but covers different platforms.

Please use this thread if you want to provide feedback.

If you are using an app_info.xml file that includes BRP4 apps, please read this thread for important information.

The release of this app version will allow us to switch to compressed input files which has obvious advantages both for the participants of E@H and for the project's infrastructure. If all goes well this will happen next week already.

This improvement was inspired by some very useful observations by our volunteers, thanks again for that (I think the crucial message was this one by Neil Newell)