Never seen before: only 2 results are valid?

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> I will say that I had an

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> I will say that I had an early bout of this on Predictor, but, they seem to
> have resolved the problem. Climate Control and SETI just work and always have
> (except for when they don't :) ).

Predictor has not solved the problem. They tweaked the scheduler to submit workunits only to computers with the same OS and CPU type.

Robert Somerville
Robert Somerville
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a DREADFULL hack that works,

a DREADFULL hack that works, until things improve:

Install WINE, run the 4.19 BOINC & E@H Windoze ; runs real fast with no invalid results.
I almost think Linux-Wine runs the Windoze executables faster than Windoze does.But i might be premature on this.....

Search for WINE in the search tool .....

Robert Somerville

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