Memory channels provisioned vs. Einstein performance E5620

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Here are some numbers to

Here are some numbers to compare the new sandy bridge architecture with this threads baseline nehalem architecture. CPU is the i7-2600K at a stock 3.4 GHz. Memory is 1.5 volt DDR3-1333 in single (1 x 4GB) or dual (2 x 4GB) channel configuration, current sandy bridge parts are limited to dual memory channels.

Note that since the memory stick capacity is 4GB, the single channel case used 1 dimm which is currently enough memory for the 8 thread case + OS. I'm using the same definitions as orginally defined by the OP, restated below.

And here are the mean execution times in CPU seconds for a full set (4 for nHT, 8 for HT) of current Einstein Global Correlations S5 HF search #1 v1.07 [ubuntu 10.10] (S5GCESSE2) tasks.

HT_1 = 24,350 sec HT_2 = 17,400 sec

nHT_1 = 14,100 sec nHT_2 = 11,740 sec

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