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RE: Hi! FYI, for those who



FYI, for those who want to play around a bit with Mathematica, there is now a rather unusual way to do so for free (as far as the software is concerned):

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that Mathematica and the Wolfram Language are from now on free to use on the Raspberry Pi credit-card-size mini computer (which itself costs around 50 bucks (the board, power supply, keyboard, mouse).

The Wolfram Language and Mathematica on Raspberry Pi, for free

The small 512 MB RAM of the Raspberry Pi limits the kind of projects you can do with it, but still, for hobbyists etc, it's kind of cool.


There is a freeware available, called GeoGebra

It's worth to take a look on it.

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Hi there ! I've been

Hi there ! I've been considering a purchase of a textbook entitled "Astrophysics Through Computation with Mathematica support (2013) " written by Brian Koberlein & David Meisel. Has anyone here read this book ? Is it worth the rather hefty pricetag ? What I need is a good introduction to using computational methods to model astrophysical properties (mainly mass modelling of galaxies). Any ideas ?

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