Mac OS X PowerPC on Einstein@Home

Bernd Machenschalk
Bernd Machenschalk
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Hm. Last time I checked I got

Hm. Last time I checked I got an unsupported certificate encoding error (aes128) from OSX SSL. Do you happen to use a newer OpenSSL version, e.g. from MacPorts?


Gaurav Khanna
Gaurav Khanna
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No .. it is just he default

No .. it is just the default OS X SSL.

Jonathan Jeckell
Jonathan Jeckell
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Weird.  I don't know if this

Weird.  I don't know if this issue has taken effect yet, but mine has been communicating with SETI and Einstein project servers just fine up to and including today.

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Are there any plans for

Are there any plans for additional work on the PPC platform? Just wondering, since it's still listed on the Applications page.

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