A lot of invalid results (opencl-intel_gpu)

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There are just the lastest

There are just the lastest two versions available from Intel (3960 and 3907). But I don't want to run older versions as they have other issues (tearing in videos etc.)

I think I'll stop using the OpenCL application, it feels a bit pointless.

From 58 OpenCL WU's there are right now:
25 pending (10 of them because they're inconclusive)
19 invalid
14 valid

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I'm running 3621 as well, but

I'm running 3621 as well, but I have HD 4000 graphics so its not likely to work on your machine.

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Whether will be so, what 2

Whether will be so, what 2 wrong tasks from 2 different computers will be accepted by the project as correct? It will be bad for the project...

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It depends on how "wrong"

It depends on how "wrong" they are. Most calculation errors can be expected to be random, so they wouldn't agree. However, if it's a systematic error introduced by the driver it will be hard for the validator to catch these.


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