Intel & LLVM/Clang release 9.0 with experimental support of C++ for OpenCL

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LLVM release & sub-release tree: SYCL Compilers

LLVM/Clang release 9.0 with experimental support of C++ for OpenCL
LLVM Clang 9.0 has been released and is now available for download. This is the first release to contain experimental support of C++ for OpenCL language mode in Clang. More details can be found in the Clang documentation. This new support will be discussed at the LLVM Developers meeting (October 2019) at the From C++ for OpenCL to C++ for accelerator devices talk by Khronos Member Anastasia Stulova.

Intel releases SYCL Compiler + Runtimes 2019-09

Moving towards their oneAPI beta release next quarter, the Intel developers are as busy as ever advancing their LLVM-based SYCL compiler and run-times for Windows and Linux.

Out this morning is the SYCL Compiler and Runtimes 2019-09 release for this compiler to allow OpenCL offloading to accelerators like Intel GPUs and FPGAs. New to this release are supporting some CL/SYCL FPGA extensions, support for dumping the SYCL task graph to JSON, a long list of other SYCL/OpenCL improvements, and a wide range of bug fixes.

Those interested in Intel's SYCL ambitions for open-source, single-source C++ programming can learn more about this month's official release via their GitHub site.