Intel GPU speed up

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So I have this old HP laptop sitting here with an Intel i5-3317U with HD Graphics 4000. It has been running since February 24th but the new SSD showed up yesterday and I did a fresh install of Windows 10 and installed the latest graphic drivers. 
When looking at the Intel Graphics Control Panel I knoticed a Performance setting under 3D as well as Power. Before changing the setting I had times at 1,907, 1,882, 1,889, 1,915 and 1,935. Now it is crunching with reported times at 1,709, 1,693, 1,700 1,708 and 1,684.  I also have a Surface Pro with the same CPU and it returns times like 1,653, 1,693, 1,626 and 1,652 so much more inline with that host.

I would assume it is the Power setting making the difference but I increased both. Maybe the setting just makes the GPU run at the max boost speed all the time? No clue but something anyone running the Intel GPU app may want to check out.