Insufficient CPU usage

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Hi! Can I use for this task more GPU's? All 8 GPU's are idle, I would like to use them for this task. If the answer is "yes", how should I set it up?

Gary Roberts
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Insufficient CPU usage

Hi Ignat,
Welcome to the Einstein project. We hope you enjoy your stay here!

Your computer appears to be an i7 powered laptop with 8 (virtual) CPU cores. There is a single internal Intel GPU and a discrete nvidia GTX680M GPU. You are already running GPU tasks on both GPUs and have a total of 48 CPU tasks, the most recent of which you have aborted.

The best way to control what sort of work your machine participates in is to go to the Einstein project preference link on your account page on the website. You will find a setting there which allows you to tick the apps you want to run. For your nvidia GPU, the best option is to select the Parkes PMPS XT app. For your Intel GPU it's the plain Arecibo app. You obviously have both those already selected since you are getting the tasks.

You may also have the Arecibo GPU app ticked but they are not always available so you probably wont get any at the moment until new data arrives. This may take quite a while.

The only 'CPU only' app suitable for running on your 8 CPU cores is the Gamma Ray Pulsar search - the ones you have been aborting. If you don't want to do these tasks, you should un-tick the box on the preferences page so the scheduler will know not to send them to you. If you deselect those, your CPU cores will be largely idle. Only a small amount of CPU time is required to support tasks being crunched on the nvidia GPU. The Intel GPU is a different matter. I've seen those that use this GPU recommend that 1 full CPU core should be reserved for support of an Intel GPU task.

Because your machine is a laptop, you should be aware that crunching creates a lot of internal heat which laptop cooling systems may find difficult to keep under control. You should perhaps be careful to monitor temperatures and reduce the crunching load if things are getting too hot.

In your original question you said, "Can I use for this task more GPU's?" You only have two, both of which are currently running tasks. You could run multiple concurrent tasks on the nvidia GPU but that would likely create more heat.

You also said, "All 8 GPU's are idle, I would like to use them for this task." I guess you mean 8 CPU cores and not 8 GPUs. You cannot use a CPU core to crunch tasks designed to be crunched by the GPU. Possibly your best option might be to disable Gamma Ray pulsar tasks and use settings to crunch concurrent BRP6 GPU tasks on the nvidia GPU. You could experiment to find how many concurrent you could run efficiently, maximising your output for an acceptable heat load. It's not completely easy to run concurrent tasks, particularly where two different types of GPU are involved. You will be able to get help if you decide to go down this path.

Have a think about what you want to do and feel free to post any questions you have.


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