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Just to let you know: I just

Just to let you know: I just received new work, and it looks like there are some S5 WU's among them.

Indicated crunchtime varies from about 33% (task h1_0195.0_S5R1__5374_S5R1a_1 using einstein_S5R1 version 402) to about 300% more task h1_0664.0_S5R1__400_S5R1a_1 using einstein_S5R1 version 402) than old S4 WU's with Asok's client.

[edit] that is x% more than the 1 hour-and-some S4 WU's.



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I have a combination of S5

Message 36377 in response to message 36376

I have a combination of S5 and S4 WUs on the same box. Receiving the new S5 app does not mean you lose the Akosf-optimised S4 app; you can continue optimally crunching S4 as long as there still are S4 WUs short of quorum. This box has two new WUs but still has the S41.06 client ready to roll if needed.

The S5 WUs are coming in with only 2 matching results required for quorum instead of 3, and they are being issued to only 2 users initially. The deadlines I'm seeing are 2 weeks after the issue date. Claimed credits I've seen so far have ranged from 120 to 180 cobblestones per WU, reflecting the greater computational content of the new WUs, which accounts for their longer processing times. See some examples here.

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