yes ps4 4 the win!

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Topic 225325 yes ps4 4 the win!

Nintendo Switch 1+2 Dock with or & Controllers : DLSS : (c)RS
For machine learning Bluetooth & USB Devices to help console have upscaling & AI : RS

It may seem that 10Mb/S is not a lot to use or 480Mb/s USB (fast mode)+Recharge

With Digital compression GZip,LHZ2 (for example)
BlueTooth can potentially be 60Mb/s:
(with .xml or .txt .exe .bin .dat for example LHZ2)
(With Texture HDR DOT5 Compression, Texture map used for ML Node Plan(for example))

480Mb/s USB (fast mode)+Recharge:

USB = Charging (upto 2.4w 5v) You can potentially use at least half,
For faster controller ASIC & Mini ARM V variant at full potential!
Massive function of process.

Compressed; 800Mb/s potentially on fast compression (2mb to 32MB RAM single chip)

> CPU LZW Compression 392.93 MB/s
> CPU AES256 Encryption 2709.90 MB/s
> CPU Vista Compression 1032.95 MB/s
> CPU SHA1 Hash 2463.44 MB/s

Potentially you could have a dock & controller ASIC Tensor cores ..
Essentially a game cartridge; You have the opportunity for 4 asics; Many features ...

Including a DSP DAC FFT 3D Speaker output & processor..2 high quality small speakers and a resonator bar(Audio & haptic feedback...
Controllers with Haptic feedback..

High performance Battery (Lithium (Slim and long)
For sustainable power mode handheld in performance mode

CPU/GPU Suggestions:(low power usage.. 1.2v > 1.3v > Lithium optimised (you decide)

Potential Content APU class list:4 asics; Many features ...
Including a DSP DAC FFT 3D Speaker output & processor.. (ASIC)(SiMD) Adaptable

ASIC Tensor ML multi Core (DLSS)3D,Video,Audio device & haptic processor
(SiMD 32)Memory & storage unit

Various detectors & or Camera/Port

Micro USB Charging port (Recharger batteries & usb chargers)